Coronavirus Statement

We want to provide an update on our position with the increased concern regarding the Coronavirus. In a previous statement (updated on March 11, 2020), USA Volleyball has determined that it would be premature to cancel practices and tournaments at this time. They are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and may alter their decision should the need arise.

We intend to continue to monitor the situation and abide to the decisions by USA Volleyball, NTR, and federal and local authorities. At this time, practices will continue to happen at scheduled days and times. As most of you know, it is extremely hard to find hand sanitizers for sale. All our supplies have been depleted by the fact that our visitors are using our hand sanitizers more often than they usually do, plus, in some cases, whole bottles of hand sanitizers have disappeared. We recommend that every athlete/spectator bring their own hand sanitizer until we can find more to purchase. We do have Lysol and other disinfectants and we have instructed our staff to clean surfaces and door handles often. Cleanliness has always been a priority but we are focusing even more due to the virus.

Other points of emphasis:

  • Players need to be conscious of their hands during team huddles and timeouts. “Hands in!” needs to be replaced with non-contact cheers.
  • During substitutions, players should not touch hands.
  • Players should replace their usual “high-fives” with individual celebrations (clapping hands).
  • Athletes and coaches acting as an Referees should clean their hands before placing their whistle (which also needs cleaning) into their mouth.
  • If a player or parent has a fever or is suspected of being ill, they should stay home. A volleyball match is not worth it.
  • Pick up & dispose of your own drink bottles…do not leave at the bench.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and certainly before you eat or drink.
  • We cannot effectively clean volleyballs, which are made of a porous leather surface and do not react well to spray and gels.

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In case we have to cancel practices or tournaments, we will post in our website and Social Media.