Facility Rules

Multi Sport Facility – 4 full basketball courts or 6 volleyball courts

Business Hours
Mondays through Fridays – 4-10 pm
Saturdays and Sundays – depending on scheduled events

website – www.ssacenter.com

Phone – 940-498-3500

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Facility Rules:

  • Gate: Volleyball – $10 day pass – $ 20 for a 2-day pass – Cash Only – Basketball pricing depends on the organization running the event.
  • Gym opens at 7:15 am.
  • Full service concession stand available. Serving breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, smoothies and beverages
  • Due to COVID, limited bleachers seating is being offered.  You can bring your own chairs. Chairs allowed only on tarp and concrete areas. No chairs in the wooden floors.
  • Prohibited: Outside food, beverages, coolers,, alcohol, weapons, tobacco, smoking of any kind.
  • No tailgating
Rad carefully before coming to a event and purchasing tickets:

–  Although we recommend the use of masks while in the gym, it is your choice to decide since the governor and NTR have lifted the regulations. The use of masks is optional.There are NO refunds.

– We reserve the right to deny admission if we notice someone tried to violate any of these rules and recommendations.
– Limited bleachers seating provided. You can bring your own chair. Chairs allowed only in tarp areas and concrete. No chairs in the wooden floors.