Sport Performance Training

Sport Support Athletic Center will feature state-of-the-art sports performance training spaces.

Flight School – in this area we have the latest equipment to help athletes and families to work on injury prevention, strength and conditioning, speed and agility. Each program will be customized to meet the goals and needs of each individual.

Studio 5 – this is the area where we offer classes and workshops. You can participate in a Stretching class, Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training, and the latest offerings in the health and fitness world.

El Refresco – this space offers delicious smoothies, recovery shakes and healthy snacks. It is the perfect spot to find the right fuel for before, during and after your workouts.

Sports Dietitian Office – we have a Sports Dietician in our team to tailor your diet and increase your chances of achieving your results.

Mercado – whether you are looking for sports wear, or a cool gift, Mercado has an assortment of interesting options to meet your needs.